13 - 14 APRIL 2024



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The National Muscle & Model Competition is a celebration of strength, beauty, and athleticism, and we're thrilled to showcase some of the most talented and dedicated athletes in the world.



Facilitated by the world’s leading natural federation, iCompete Natural, over 200 athletes will compete for category titles across the weekend. 

Our competitors represent the very best in natural bodybuilding and bikini modelling, each demonstrating incredible discipline, hard work, and dedication to their craft.

At our event, you'll see some of the most stunning physiques you've ever witnessed. Our bikini models are not only beautiful but also strong and fit, showcasing a range of poses and movements that highlight their hard work and dedication to their health and fitness.

Our natural bodybuilders, on the other hand, have spent countless hours perfecting their craft, building their muscles through dedicated training and a clean, healthy lifestyle. You'll be amazed at the incredible feats of strength and athleticism on display, as our bodybuilders compete in a range of categories and disciplines.

But this event isn't just for the competitors – it's also for the fans! We welcome fitness enthusiasts of all levels to come and experience the excitement and energy of the National Muscle & Model Competition. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting out on your fitness journey, you'll be inspired and motivated by the dedication and passion of our competitors.

So mark your calendars and get ready for an incredible event. The bikini model and natural bodybuilding competition is not to be missed – we can't wait to see you there!


Competitor entries are closed

w. www.icnnsw.com.au

p. 0402 999 905
e. nsw@icompetenatural.com


Ms Fitness Model

Developed muscularity with emphasis on an overall balance between upper and lower body. Less muscular than a figure competitor but lean condition which allows six pack abs, capped shoulders and back definition to be seen.

Ms Sports Model

Six pack abs capped shoulders and back definition and muscular legs. Good tone and condition showing muscle separation while being slightly less lean than a fitness competitor.

Ms Figure

High levels of muscularity with the most degree of condition while still maintaining femininity. Capped shoulders, six pack abs, wide back, leg muscle separation are required for this division.

Ms Runway

Performed on stage in an evening gown of choice.

Ms Swimsuit

Muscularity is on the smaller side, while carrying just enough bodyfat to avoid muscle separation. A swimsuit model should deliver a combination of overall beauty and the physical appeal of a shapely toned body together with stage and self-confidence. 

Ms Bikini Model

Muscularity is on the smaller side, while carrying just enough bodyfat to avoid muscle separation. Nice toned body with no visible six pack abs but still maintaining a flat and toned midsection.

Men's Fitness

Lean condition which allows six pack abs, capped shoulders and back definition to be seen however not as extreme in condition as Men’s Physique or Bodybuilding.

Men's Classic Physique

The Classic Physique category is a throwback to the ‘Golden Era” of Bodybuilding. It represents the epitome of health and fitness in art form. The Classic Physique is a picture of flawless symmetry, perfectly sculptured muscle groups that fight each other for dominance, creating a balanced and complete physique.

Men's Bodybuilding

The most muscular and extremely conditioned of all categories. Bodybuilding is the highest degree off development and refinement. Requiring large muscle groups, with extreme balance and symmetry top to bottom, side to side and front to back.

Men's Physique

Well-developed and muscular upper body with emphasis on broad, round shoulders, small waist d excellent V-Taper.



10:30 Ms Fitness Model First Timers

10:40 Men's Physique First Timers

10:50 Ms Fitness Model Rookie

11:00 Men's Bodybuilding First Timers | Men's Bodybuilding Rookie | Men’s Bodybuilding Novice

11:20 Ms Fitness Model Novice

11:30 Ms Fitness Model Under 23

11:40 Ms Fitness Model 40+

11:50 Ms Fitness Model 30+

12:00 Men's Physique Rookie

12:10 Ms Fitness Model Momma

12:20 Men's Physique Novice

12:30 Ms Fitness Model Open/Overall

12:40 Intermission

13:00 Ms Wellness Open New Division

13:10 Men’s Physique Under 23 | Men’s Physique 40+ | Men’s Physique 30+

13:30 Ms Sports Model First Timer

13:40 Men's Bodybuilding 30+ | Men's Bodybuilding 40+

14:00 Ms Sports Model Rookie

14:10 Ms Sports Model Novice

14:20 Ms Sports Model Under 23

14:30 Ms Sports Model 40+

14:40 Ms Sports Model 30+

14:50 Ms Sports Model Momma

15:00 Men's Bodybuilding Open/Overall

15:20 Ms Sports Model Open Class 1

15:30 Ms Sports Model Open Class 2

15:40 Ms Sports Model Overall

15:50 Men's Physique Open Class 1

16:00 Men's Physique Open Class 2

16:10 Men's Physique Overall


10:30 Ms Swimsuit Model

10:40 Men's Classic Physique First Timer | Men's Classic Physique Rookie

10:50 Ms Bikini First Timers

11:00 Ms Figure Rookie | Ms Figure Novice

11:10 Ms Bikini Rookie

11:20 Men's Fitness Rookie

11:30 Ms Bikini Novice

11:40 Men’s Classic Physique Novice

11:50 Ms Figure 50+

12:00 Men's Fitness Novice

12:20 Ms Bikini Under 23

12:30 Intermission

13:00 Men’s Classic Physique Under 23 | Men’s Classic Physique 30+ | Men’s Classic Physique 40+

13:20 Ms Figure 30+

13:30 Ms Bikini 30+ | Ms Bikini 40+ | Ms Bikini Momma

13:50 Ms Classic Figure

14:00 Men's Fitness 30+

14:10 Ms Figure 40+

14:20 Men’s Fitness 40+

14:30 Ms Figure Open/ Overall

14:50 Men's Fitness Open/ Overall

15:00 Ms Bikini Open Class 1

15:10 Ms Bikini Open Class 2

15:30 Ms Bikini Overall

15:50 Men's Classic Physique Open/ Overall



Tickets for the event are on sale now, and fans are encouraged to purchase early to secure their spot at what promises to be an unforgettable weekend of strength, beauty, and athleticism.


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