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The ultimate gathering for fitness professionals who want to elevate their career and make an impact in the industry.

Our summit brings together the best and brightest minds in personal training, as well as industry leaders and experts in business, marketing, and technology. Through a combination of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive workshops, we provide a much-needed platform for personal trainers to learn, connect, and grow.

Visitors can expect a jam-packed day of education designed specifically for Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors and Coaches with session tracks spread across:

  • Business & Professional Development
  • Nutrition & Behaviour Change
  • Training Science
  • Group Exercise



28 Apr 2023
  1. Muscle & Model Stage
    Get ready for an inspiring session with Layne Norton, renowned fitness expert and entrepreneur, to kick off the AusFitness Industry PT Summit. 
  2. Street Workout Australia Zone
  3. Nutrition & Performance Theatre
    This powerful session aims to create awareness on how the fitness industry is making a much needed move towards inclusivity through the power of education. Committed to making health and fitness easily accessible for all, as a Personal Trainer, you’ll learn about the importance and benefits of broadening your skills and supporting the inclusivity movement.  
    Sponsored by AIPT and WeFlex
  4. Under Armour Arena
    In this session, we will explore how we can simplify our role as coaches by changing your coach's eye from an exercise-based perspective to a movement pattern-based one. During this session we will use the TRX suspension trainer to establish the standards for a given movement pattern and then apply that to several other tools/equipment commonly used on a gym floor. 
    Sponsored by PT Academy
  5. Muscle & Model Stage
    Join world-leading nutrition expert, Dr. Layne Norton as cuts through fitness-industry myths and breaks down his scientifically proven nutrition methodologies. Whether your goal is to build muscle, shred fat, body re-comp or step on stage for the first – or 50th time; this is one session you do not want to miss!
  6. Active Stage
    This session will focus on bodyweight bootcamp workouts, drills and games that are suitable for individuals of all levels of fitness. These workouts, drills and games require little to no equipment, making them accessible to anyone, anywhere. The workout will be structured in a bootcamp style, combining strength and cardio exercises in a high-intensity interval format.
  7. King's Cup Grappling
    Whether you’re a beginner or professional fighter, training the basics are crucial. This workshop goes into the fine detail of the classic techniques. Presented by highly experienced boxing and martial arts coaches, Hays Daewoud and Nedal 'Skinny' Hussein, Former World Number 1, Australian Olympian and Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee, to help you take your own skills and coaching to another level. By the end of this workshop, you will have a solid foundation of technical boxing skills that you can build upon... Professional boxers spend long hours of training built exclusively on a foundation of boxing fundamentals. If they can do so should you! It doesn’t matter what level you are at, it all starts with the basics!
    Sponsored by Australian Combat & Exercise
  8. Street Workout Australia Zone
  9. Business of Fitness
    This workshop, hosted by renowned pre and post natal expert and BUMP co-founder, Calum Wilson, will highlight how to create your own niche, find your unique value proposition and harness your talents to develop a thriving career with longevity. Fitness professionals generally have a passion for helping others succeed in their personal goals.
  10. Nutrition & Performance Theatre
    Our panelists will discuss what works in their mental health programs, considerations for program design, client motivations, staff training and self-care. You will leave with a greater understanding of the motivations of the fitness consumer, impacts of exercise and mental health programs on the mental wellbeing of your members as well as practical tools to cater to this market.
  11. Muscle & Model Stage
    Get ready to create truly life-changing transformations with your clients! World-leading nutrition and transformation expert Stefan Ianev is a pioneer when it comes to optimising fat loss. Join him as he breaks down the latest cutting-edge research and scientifically proven methodologies to shred fat, fast!
  12. Under Armour Arena
    She lifts, bro! It’s 2023 and we’re here to support women and their epic gains in and out of the gym. Join Clean Health Master coaches, Lauren Killey and Kim Leggett as they discuss resistance training and nutritional methodologies specifically for women and how you can apply them at any stage of your fat loss or well-being journey.
    Sponsored by Clean Health
  13. Active Stage

    In this session we will explore some of the benefits of using the YBell vs the tools it is designed to mimic. How can you squeeze more out of the tool by implementing techniques that will raise the intensity, improve technique and increase safety when using this dynamic and versatile tool. There’s more than meets the eye when applying the YBell to resistance training. This session is designed to give you a sneak peak into some of techniques used to create better performance when using the YBell.

    Sponsored by PT Academy
  14. King's Cup Grappling

    This workshop will focus on developing agility, speed, and precision in your footwork. Rather than just standing still and punching, teach your clients the skill of boxing footwork. In boxing, footwork is a critical element that can make or break a fighter's performance in the ring.

    You will learn how to use your feet to create angles, maintain distance, and move effectively. We will cover various footwork drills and exercises to improve speed and agility. This will include forward and backward, lateral, and pivoting drills. We will also teach you how to use your feet to set up punches. As with all our workshops, we will teach you how to coach & structure these movements into your PT or group sessions.

    Sponsored by Australian Combat & Exercise
  15. Business of Fitness
    In this session, Brad will unpack the strategy on what it takes to build a successful PT Business, meaning that you are not 100% responsible for 100% of the revenue that enters your business.  He'll run you through the steps on what it takes to build your dream team plus you'll learn what systems and processes are critical to creating this proven business model.
  16. Nutrition & Performance Theatre
    Many PTs are time poor and after effective ways to simultaneously systemise and grow their business. This is an important part of creating a professional business, whilst also being able to automate much of the process.
  17. Muscle & Model Stage
    It’s not always a case of go hard or go home for your female members. Covering key considerations for effective & enjoyable programming for small, large & pre-choreographed settings to ensure success of the program, appropriate options are offered always, the importance of this, environmental factors & exploring the ego of trainers vs client.
  18. Under Armour Arena
    So, you’re ready to supercharge your gains? Who better to learn from than world-leading nutrition and body composition expert Dr Layne Norton! The ultimate coach to the coaches, he runs through his secrets to optimising muscle growth and fast-tracking hypertrophy without PED use.
  19. Active Stage
    Support your clients with modern mobility methods to improve and progress muscular strength and muscular length concurrently. Understanding you’re only as strong as the range your body allows you to move through, improving range of motion helps improve strength output.    
    Sponsored by AIPT
  20. Business of Fitness
    In this session, Regional PT Manager for Fitness And Lifestyle Group, Tahnee Donkin, joins forces with National PT Manager from EMF Fitness & Performance Center's Chris Mooney, to share their combined 35 years in the industry specialising in Personal Trainer development and success. 
  21. Nutrition & Performance Theatre
    When guiding someone on their physical journey, we need to understand that the person is choosing to change their behaviour.  Changing behaviour is difficult and our clients may be resistant to change for many different reasons.  In this session, we will look at what happens inside our client's brain to learn why change is so hard. By understanding that the brain and body are interconnected, we can understand that when we train the body, we’re also training the brain.
    Sponsored by PT Academy
  22. Muscle & Model Stage
    Do you want to make 2023 the year that you earn 6-figures? Brian Mark is a global leader in helping PTs and coaches scale their business online. He joins us from Canada and, as a mentor, has helped 1000s of coaches worldwide reach 6-figures per annum online. In this presentation, he breaks down his 5-step process to take you from $0-$10,000 per month as an online fitness coach within 90 days!
    Sponsored by Clean Health
  23. King's Cup Grappling
    Modern kickboxing delivers a workout like no other. This session combines boxing, footwork, kicking and knee strikes. Trainers will learn how to progress clients from boxing to kickboxing safely, using the correct coaching cues when teaching kicking and knee strikes, as well as delivering these sessions on shields or pads. You'll also learn how to apply kick-based sessions using high-intensity interval training. In a 5 week study, sports science research shows that kickboxing a few times a week can increase cardiorespiratory fitness by 13%.
    Sponsored by Australian Combat & Exercise
  24. Under Armour Arena
    In this 45-minute workshop, participants will focus on improving their split jerk technique. The workshop will cover the fundamentals of the split jerk, including footwork, bar path, and proper positioning. Participants will also receive individualized feedback and drills to help them improve their technique.
  25. Nutrition & Performance Theatre
    As personal trainers, we all know that helping our clients achieve their fitness goals requires more than just prescribing the right exercises and diets. If we want to help facilitate sustainable change, we need to understand how to keep our clients engaged and motivated, we need to be able to help them overcome any limiting beliefs or mental barriers and we need to know when to be direct and when to take a step back and allow them to arrive at their own conclusions.
    Sponsored by One Playground
  26. Business of Fitness

    Is your business measuring your client's journey with a customer-centric approach that leverages innovation and modern technology? In this session, learn how measurement tracking can help you overcome retention challenges, set goals, track progress, and provide feedback to your clients. We'll explore the benefits of using technology to streamline and automate the tracking process, and how it can drive business growth and innovation

    Sponsored by Bodymapp
  27. Muscle & Model Stage
    The world of supplementation can be confusing and overwhelming! Enter Stefan Ianev to break down what works – and what doesn’t! Cut through the fluff and unlock what works – once and for all. Whether your goal is to optimise health and wellbeing, prep for a physique competition or build muscle mass, scientifically proven supplementation can help you get there.
  28. Under Armour Arena
    In this workshop, fitness industry stalwarts Mark Howlett & Chris Mooney join forces to reveal the secrets of running successful small group training sessions. They'll cover everything you need to know, from tailoring the training plan to meet individual goals and fitness levels, to creating a motivating atmosphere that keeps clients coming back for more and referring their friends.
  29. Active Stage
    Master the ability to complete and facilitate a freestanding handstand yourself and with your clients.     This practical workshop builds the foundation of joint and muscular strength, whilst covering ...
    Sponsored by AIPT




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