Security - the best kept secret in fitness business management


Security - the best kept secret in fitness business management

29 Apr 2023
Business of Fitness

Security seems to be considered an afterthought when designing or fitting out a gym or fitness centre, it appears to be an expense rather than revenue generating. But is that really the case? Fobs or access control are certainly a revenue stream that is overlooked when considering the bottom line. Advancements in access control now sees instant access to gyms via online sign up and dynamic barcodes sent to the mobile. Getting people into your gym when they are hot to trot is certainly one way of capturing the ready to go now generation.

Finding the right combination is the secret. Price is just the start of your journey. Safety features should always be high on the to-do list: i.e. wireless duress, fixed duress, wall phones, etc. Tailgating comes under safety, detecting those that sneak in, but tailgating is also a hit in the hip pocket with lost revenue and could also compromise your insurance. Face capture can provide us evidence of who has used the door to assist with investigation. Automation: do you need to auto open doors for some members? Do you want to control lighting and fans? Your members journey starts at your front door, so it needs to be seamless for them to enter and do their work out then simply walk out the door when done. Join Steve as he answers these questions for you. 

Steve Utting, Director - InnerTelligence
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