Good to Growth: The Business Case for Inclusion


Good to Growth: The Business Case for Inclusion

29 Apr 2023
Business of Fitness
As an industry, acquisition of new members and engagement of existing members is tougher than ever, but in trying to solve this problem we are asking ourselves the wrong question. It’s not about how can you get more members to access the gym? The question should be how do you make accessibility of the gym easier? The typical gym environment and culture isn’t accessible for everybody – and it should be. 20% of Australian population are people living with disability. 35% of households have someone with a disability living in them. That’s 1 in 3 of your current members. They are a large community (of communities with unique support needs) who have both a need and desire to engage with our fitness industry. Today’s gym consumer wants more than just equipment and location. They want community, inclusivity, social impact and personalisation. Through education, awareness and action we can remove the barriers for inclusion, upskill our industry and unlock an entirely untapped new market of future members and clients living with a disability that not only grows your business, but grows the social impact you can have on your community. Fitness is and should be for every body.
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