AFI Agenda Preview

AFI Agenda Preview

  1. Business of Fitness
    Recruitment is no longer as simple as posting a job ad and sifting through applications. In this crowded and competitive market, it is crucial to work on your value proposition to attract great candidates and ensure your recruitment process is fit for purpose whilst also retaining your best people. Hear from industry leaders on how they are overcoming the challenges of recruiting new talent and keeping their superstars in the current market whilst also discussing talent development - how you can invest in your team to ensure they go onto great things!
  2. Active Stage
    This session will focus on bodyweight bootcamp workouts, drills and games that are suitable for individuals of all levels of fitness. These workouts, drills and games require little to no equipment, making them accessible to anyone, anywhere. The workout will be structured in a bootcamp style, combining strength and cardio exercises in a high-intensity interval format. Modifications will be provided for those who need to scale the intensity down or up to meet their fitness level. Participants will leave this session with a better understanding on how to run bodyweight sessions for their clients!
  3. Business of Fitness
    Early on in Brad's career as personal trainer, somebody said that the 'Key to wealth is to leverage yourself through others'. This statement inspired Brad to consider ways and methods that could grow his PT business beyond just himself. The end result was having a team of 13 PT's conducting over 250+ sessions per week. In this session, Brad will unpack the strategy on what it takes to build a successful PT Business, meaning that you are not 100% responsible for 100% of the revenue that enters your business. He'll run you through the steps on what it takes to build your dream team plus you'll learn what systems and processes are critical to creating this proven business model. This session is specific towards; PT's in gyms, studio owners, online coaches and any PT that wants to grow and scale beyond a solo-independent business owner!
  4. Business of Fitness
    Most sports data points have historically been closely guarded, locked in silos and fragmented, resulting in decisions being made using a vague ‘finger-in-the-air- approach. The consequences of making decisions not backed by data is enormous, not just on a business’s bottom line, but on the health of our nation. In the fight to make global communities move more and improve their health outcomes, ActiveXchange, Experian and Mapbox know first-hand the value in having a safe, secure and sophisticated data ecosystem. Join our panel as they discuss the movement towards data-driven decision making and the simple steps you can take to project and accelerate your business trajectory toward true commercial and social value.
  5. Business of Fitness
    Embracing technology can be a game changer when it comes to member experience. From saving time and effort to providing valuable benefits for your members, it is definitely time well spent exploring options. Join our industry leaders in the tech space and discover how you can be at the forefront of their latest innovations - improve the efficiency of your systems, streamline your operations and delight your members through every step of their fitness journey.
  6. Muscle & Model Stage
  7. Business of Fitness
  8. Business of Fitness
    In a competitive marketplace, it is essential to take advantage of every sales opportunity and have a ‘One Change’ Mentality if you want to succeed. Many Clubs and Studios are losing sales and members and don’t know why. During this Masterclass with Steve, he will outline the 7 biggest mistakes and what you need to do to avoid them. Learn How To Avoid: 1. Losing Sales Opportunities 2. Competing On Price 3. Using Old Outdated Selling Skills & Tools 4. Burning Your Leads 5. Low Number Of Appointments 6. Poor Show Rates 7. Receiving Objections & Losing Sales
  9. Muscle & Model Stage
  10. Nutrition & Performance Theatre
    This powerful session aims to create awareness on how the fitness industry is making a much needed move towards inclusivity through the power of education. Committed to making health and fitness easily accessible for all, as a Personal Trainer, you’ll learn about the importance and benefits of broadening your skills and supporting the inclusivity movement.   
    Understand the fundamental steps to get started, embrace inclusivity in your practices, grow your business and meet the requirements for serving clients through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Plus, you’ll learn some immediate actions on how to work with clients of all abilities and meet their unique requirements and support needs.   
    We believe fitness and wellness is for everyone – learn more about the movement via AIPT x WeFlex.
    Sponsored by AIPT and WeFlex
  11. Business of Fitness
    As an industry, acquisition of new members and engagement of existing members is tougher than ever, but in trying to solve this problem we are asking ourselves the wrong question. It’s not about how can you get more members to access the gym? The question should be how do you make accessibility of the gym easier? The typical gym environment and culture isn’t accessible for everybody – and it should be. 20% of Australian population are people living with disability. 35% of households have someone with a disability living in them. That’s 1 in 3 of your current members. They are a large community (of communities with unique support needs) who have both a need and desire to engage with our fitness industry. Today’s gym consumer wants more than just equipment and location. They want community, inclusivity, social impact and personalisation. Through education, awareness and action we can remove the barriers for inclusion, upskill our industry and unlock an entirely untapped new market of future members and clients living with a disability that not only grows your business, but grows the social impact you can have on your community. Fitness is and should be for every body.
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  12. Business of Fitness
    Join us for the insider scoop on scaling your fitness business to sell in the current market. From what you need to consider from day one, tips and tools to navigate the growth phase, valuation and ultimately, a smooth, profitable exit. Our highly experienced panellists will share the lessons learnt through their journey within this space, where are the opportunities in 2023 and Whether you are looking to invest or simply curious about the process, you can't afford to miss this lively discussion!
  13. Business of Fitness

    It is generally accepted that Medicare and the Australian Health system is in its worst condition since it was established 40 years ago. Pending a cross government review the usual suspects are calling for more money to be injected but this is not addressing the core problem; Australia’s Health system is based on reaction not pro-action . It functions on the basis of treating diagnosed problems not preventing the problem in the first place.

    Significant national and international research, and practice, indicates the substantial cost savings of investing in preventative health policies; somewhere between four and six dollars saved for every one dollar spent. Common sense tells us that less sick Australians means less demand on the health system.

    Our sector is integral to bolstering and implementing an effective preventative health strategy but it will require a major shift in thinking both within our sector and by government. The session will outline what is required and the benefits of taking a leading role.

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  14. Muscle & Model Stage
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  15. Under Armour Arena
  16. Business of Fitness
    This presentation will unpack the formula that ensures your team get behind the new ideas that you bring home from the trade shows and it will protect you from flops. The session will cover change management, developing staff buy-in, and leveraging your team to execute like champions. Vision and strategy might be key, execution is critical.
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  17. Business of Fitness
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  18. Muscle & Model Stage
    Join world-leading nutrition expert, Dr. Layne Norton as cuts through fitness-industry myths and breaks down evidence-based and scientifically proven nutrition methodologies. Whether your goal is to build muscle, shred fat, body re-comp or step on stage for the first – or 50th time; this is one session you do not want to miss!
  19. Muscle & Model Stage
    Get ready for an inspiring session with Layne Norton, renowned fitness expert and entrepreneur, to kick off the AusFitness Industry PT Summit. In this candid conversation, we will uncover the story behind Layne's online presence and how he built a thriving fitness empire. We'll dive into the challenges overcome along the way and explore what the future holds for the fitness industry and trainers. This session is a must-attend for anyone who wants to gain valuable insights from a true leader and learn how to succeed in this competitive industry. Don't miss this unique opportunity to be inspired and motivated to take your fitness business to the next level!
  20. Business of Fitness
    Network Development is one of the most important factors for a health and fitness group, whether it be a 24/7, HIIT or full service group. Other Health businesses including Pilates, Physiotherapy, Audiologists and Optometrists all need a clear understanding and a process to establish territories and locate stores. Anubhav will share the data all businesses should be aware of, and how to use this in making good decisions in developing your network plan.
  21. Business of Fitness
    Take your fitness business from best kept secret to household name (without spending a cent on PR) with this Media Masterclass with former TV journalist and multi-unit fitness business owner, Liz Nable. Learn how to: - Craft a fabulous brand story, to help your members, prospects and the media get to know, like and trust you. - Master the perfect, fail-proof media pitch. Understand the basics of how the media works, what they want from you and how you can consistently give them great content their audience will love while getting your business or brand free media exposure at the same time. - Play the long game, build your reputation as an industry expert and leverage that profile to grow your business and become the media's "Go To" expert everytime.
  22. Active Stage
    Master the ability to complete and facilitate a freestanding handstand yourself and with your clients.     This practical workshop builds the foundation of joint and muscular strength, whilst covering progressive and regressive strategies to develop sustainable handstand abilities. The inclusion of handstands in your clients; programming translates to a range of positive outcomes such as improvements of primary lifts, grip strength, tracking, alignment, and the obvious aesthetics of fat loss and muscle gain. Plus, as a bonus, it’s one of the easiest modalities to master for online programming.      Take performance to the next level and learn the following:    Warm-ups and wrist preparation     Shoulder mobility and shoulder preparation     The handstand entry and bodyweight alternatives      Regressions and a pathway to follow     Alignment and positioning     Achieve a free-standing hold and have next level bodyweight strength    These practices also work hand in hand with AIPT’s ‘Modern Mobility for Personal Trainers'
    Sponsored by AIPT
  23. Business of Fitness
    A successful, profitable group fitness business requires investment of time and resources into initial planning as well as continued effort in scheduling, staffing and innovation. Whether your club offers a group fitness as part of an all-inclusive membership or at an additional cost, our expert panel will discuss how they have capitalised on the potential of the group fitness studio in their clubs, including how to encourage more of your existing members into GX classes; increasing the value proposition of your membership with a strong, diverse and innovative group fitness business model; and how to measure the effectiveness of your program. You’ll walk away inspired to elevate the group exercise experience in your club, you will hear about innovative global offerings and reap the member engagement and retention rewards!
  24. Nutrition & Performance Theatre
    The fitness industry has a unique opportunity to influence not only the physical but the mental health of our members. Join this insightful discussion to discover different approaches and tools that can be used in your personal training business to enhance mental health programs. Our panelists will discuss what works in their mental health programs, considerations for program design, client motivations, staff training and self-care. You will leave with a greater understanding of the motivations of the fitness consumer, impacts of exercise and mental health programs on the mental wellbeing of your members as well as practical tools to cater to this market.
  25. Active Stage
    Support your clients with modern mobility methods to improve and progress muscular strength and muscular length concurrently. Understanding you’re only as strong as the range your body allows you to move through, improving range of motion helps improve strength output.     Go beyond the basics of static mobility and enable full range with the following strategies:    Warm-ups and dynamic mobility    Static mobility     Passive and PNF mobility     Loaded mobility     The importance of antagonist strength     Modern methods of mobility    These practices also work hand in hand with AIPT’s ‘Mastering your Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Handstand Workshop’.
    Sponsored by AIPT
  26. Nutrition & Performance Theatre
    When guiding someone on their physical journey, we need to understand that the person is choosing to change their behaviour. Changing behaviour is difficult and our clients may be resistant to change for many different reasons. In this session, we will look at what happens inside our client's brain to learn why change is so hard. By understanding that the brain and body are interconnected, we can understand that when we train the body, we’re also training the brain. So while you may know that a certain tissue element provides the drive for that exercise skill, you also need to be aware of what is happening inside the operating system in control of the output of that skill's performance. Learning objectives 1: Look at the areas of the brain associated with change Learning objectives 2: Learn the process that guides our decisions to stay on the path of change or divert from it. Learning objectives 3: Understand why people's beliefs are a big part of any change journey.
    Sponsored by PT Academy
  27. Muscle & Model Stage
    Get ready to create truly life-changing transformations with your clients! World-leading nutrition and transformation expert Dr. Layne Norton is a pioneer when it comes to optimising fat loss. Join him as he breaks down the latest cutting-edge research and scientifically proven methodologies to shred fat, fast!
  28. Business of Fitness
    The fitness industry is constantly innovating, not only in technique and equipment but mostly in the way we communicate and interact with our members. In this highly competitive environment, it costs significantly more to attract new members than it does to retain your members so it becomes crucial to get to know every single member in your facility and deliver a personalised experience they will love and continue to enjoy for years to come. Join Nathan as he reveals the latest innovations in the CRM management space and how these can increase your member engagement.
    Sponsored by Technogym
  29. Business of Fitness
    The landscape of the health and fitness industry is constantly evolving, so are the challenges faced by the health and fitness professionals and businesses. As a result, investing into risk management has become a necessity to achieve both strategic and operational objectives for growth and sustainability. The learning objectives of this session are: (a) to identify the most common sources of legal liability in the health and fitness industry; and (b) to develop risk mitigation strategies that can promote the safety of the health and fitness services and minimise the risk of legal liability. The session will draw on the most current research findings, case law, experiences, and scenario-based discussions.
  30. Business of Fitness
  31. Business of Fitness
  32. Business of Fitness
  33. Business of Fitness
  34. Nutrition & Performance Theatre
  35. Nutrition & Performance Theatre
  36. Under Armour Arena
  37. Under Armour Arena
  38. Active Stage
  39. Under Armour Arena
    She lifts, bro! It’s 2023 and we’re here to support women and their epic gains in and out of the gym. Join industry-leading PTs and Clean Health-certified coaches, Lauren Killey and Kim Leggett as they discuss resistance training for women, nutritional methodologies specifically for women and their varying goals whilst also breaking down considerations around nutrition and training around female life stages.
    Sponsored by Clean Health
  40. Business of Fitness
    Join our panel of leading executives for an insightful discussion reflecting on the peaks and pits of the last 12 months and the opportunities on the horizon. What are the biggest challenges facing the Australian fitness industry? How are they planning to overcome these challenges? Where are the opportunities for growth and innovation in 2023 and beyond? What's engaging consumers and exactly what is keeping them up at night?
  41. Business of Fitness
    With a growing ageing population, there is a unique opportunity for operators to provide quality programs designed specifically for Older Adults. By developing programs that focus on improving overall health and social connection, you can tap into the potential of this growing prospective client pool, create a loyal membership, establish your business as a community hub and more. Hear from leading on operators on how they have forged a path within this market and encouraged more Older Adults to return to health and fitness facilities.
  42. Business of Fitness
    Your fitness business handbook. Sharing the stories of successful founders and business leaders, plus all the valuable lessons they’ve learnt along the way.
  43. Business of Fitness

    Selling fitness has changed. It is now essential to update your connection, conversion strategies and skills to ensure you make the most of technology and maximise every opportunity to increase your membership. In this game-changing session, globally acclaimed sales expert, Steve Jensen will show you how to optimise your use of technology and increase your bookings and appointments. You’ll also take back to your club, centre or studio new and proven ways to shorten your sales cycle, plus you’ll learn how to set up your technology to successfully present online and increase your sales. 

    Wouldn’t it be great to be a professional communicator who HELPS people make good decisions? The true art of communication has been lost, and the truth is when we focus on just making a sale we won’t achieve the level of success that all businesses need to thrive in the long term.

  44. Business of Fitness
    This panel will explore the concept of a new hybrid model for fitness businesses that combines the benefits of in-person training with digital technology. With more and more people returning to in-person training, it's crucial for fitness businesses to stay ahead of the curve and meet the changing needs of their members/clients. By incorporating digital technology, fitness businesses can offer a range of innovative features such as virtual training, progress tracking, and activity monitoring, all of which can boost client engagement and satisfaction. The panellists will delve into the challenges and opportunities of implementing this hybrid model, as well as best practices for leveraging technology to elevate the in-person fitness experience.
    Sponsored by Bodymapp
  45. Business of Fitness
    If you think you can only get leads in by referrals then we’ve got good news for you! There are still excellent ways to generate leads without having to pay a single cent. Discover how you can grow your fitness business even on a zero or small budget in this session with Richard Toutounji. What You’ll Learn: 1) Why SEO is still one of the best ways to generate leads for months & years to come 2) How to use social media to generate real leads (not just followers) 3) Why your database is the most guaranteed way to get leads in 2023
  46. Business of Fitness
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  47. Business of Fitness
    Create a hyper-personalized client experience by learning from our highly experienced and successful owners and managers about how technology has shaped their member experience. What motivated their decision to introduce technology into their facility, what problems were they seeking a solution for, what challenges were faced and ultimately, was there a tangible return on investment?
  48. Active Stage

    In this session we will explore some of the benefits of using the YBell vs the tools it is designed to mimic. How can you squeeze more out of the tool by implementing techniques that will raise the intensity, improve technique and increase safety when using this dynamic and versatile tool. There’s more than meets the eye when applying the YBell to resistance training. This session is designed to give you a sneak peak into some of techniques used to create better performance when using the YBell.

    Learning objectives 1: Learn the YBell Grips and how that applies to the tools they were designed to mimic.  
    Learning objectives 2: Understand why the word “mimic” is so important.
    Learning objectives 3: Explore techniques that can deliver improved performance when using the YBell. 

    Sponsored by PT Academy
  49. Business of Fitness
    The number one thing holding most PT's and fitness business owners back is a fear of lead generation. This fear is often fueled by a lack of understanding of the true purpose of lead generation, and not having a proven process or strategy to follow. In this session, Regional PT Manager for Fitness And Lifestyle Group, Tahnee Donkin, joins forces with National PT Manager from EMF Fitness & Performance Center's Chris Mooney, to share their combined 35 years in the industry specialising in Personal Trainer development and success. You'll walk away with a greater understanding of the skills and strategies required to succeed, and the confidence to put these into action right away to significantly improve their lead generation.
  50. Under Armour Arena

    In this session, we will explore how we can simplify our role as coaches by changing your coach's eye from an exercise-based perspective to a movement pattern-based one. During this session we will use the TRX suspension trainer to establish the standards for a given movement pattern and then apply that to several other tools / equipment commonly used on a gym floor. This will help you not only coach your clients in terms they can understand but also improve your "coach's eye" in identifying common faults and knowing when to regress or when you might be able to challenge your clients with more complexity. 

    Learning objectives 1: Learn to shift your coach's eye from an exercise based to a movement pattern based perspective
    Learning objectives 2: Learn to apply the standard of each movement pattern via the TRX Suspension Trainer
    Learning objectives 3: Understand the common faults and learn how to regress or progress each movement pattern effectively. 

    Sponsored by PT Academy
  51. Business of Fitness
    In this session, Troy Morgan will explore how tracking metrics can improve various aspects of the client experience, from sales and conversion to engagement and retention. Discover how to overcome retention challenges using measurement tracking, as well as the importance of setting goals, tracking progress, and providing feedback to clients. Explore the role of technology in streamlining and automating the tracking process and how it can drive business growth. By the end of the session, you'll have a complete understanding of how measurement tracking can enhance every touchpoint of the client journey and help clients achieve their goals. Whether you're a business owner, manager, or trainer, this session is a must-attend for anyone looking to improve the client experience and take their business to the next level.
    Sponsored by Bodymapp
  52. Business of Fitness
    Standing out in the crowded fitness industry can be hard, and building a long-lasting, successful career can be even harder. This workshop, hosted by renowned pre and post natal expert and BUMP co-founder, Calum Wilson, will highlight how to create your own niche, find your unique value proposition and harness your talents to develop a thriving career with longevity. Fitness professionals generally have a passion for helping others succeed in their personal goals. Unfortunately, this passion isn’t always enough, and trainers find it hard to build a successful business. Often, resulting in promising talent exiting the industry for good. Learn how to create your own niche, attract a target clientele and become a trusted expert in your field.
  53. Business of Fitness
    Women are an integral, yet often underrepresented, component of the fitness industry and must often overcome unique obstacles in order to become an industry leader. Learn from four leaders and entrepreneurs who have faced and overcome numerous challenges throughout their careers; Hear from our industry leaders about their journey to success, the obstacles encountered along the way and the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead for aspiring industry leaders.

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