Turning Passion into a Profession (and losing 60kg in the process)


Turning Passion into a Profession (and losing 60kg in the process)

30 Apr 2023
Nutrition & Performance Theatre
Behind every career switch is a key motivator or driving force. For Sarah, it started with the desperate need to make a change for her physical and mental health - and through this process, she turned to a Personal Trainer for support. This journey led Sarah to lose a whopping 60kg, and with all the lessons, determination and self-belief, she’s kept it off. Sarah largely attributes her transformation to the support, guidance and expertise provided by her Personal Trainer. The dedication soon turned into a passion, which then translated to a pull to want to pay it forward – turning her love and appreciation for fitness into a rewarding career. This session covers many life skills (and even some health tips and tricks you can apply to your own life) including: - Understanding the impact that support and guidance can have in helping someonereach their goals. - Appreciating the importance of perseverance in overcoming obstacles and achieving success in your own health and fitness journey. - Discovering the opportunities available in the fitness industry for people with a passion for helping others. - PLUS, key tips for body transformation. Feel empowered to make a positive change in your or others’ lives. Read more about Sarah’s inspiring story here.
-Sarah White, Industry Education Trainer - Australian Institute of Personal Trainers
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